Le domaine

The wines of the Domaine is  an Art that reveals with strength, character and finesse the spirit of its people and the authenticity of the terroir.

To defend the identity of the terroir and concerned by the environmental issue, the Gentile’s family opted very quickly for organic farming and organic wines.

In the heart of the PDO Patrimonio and PDO Muscat du Cap-Corse production area, in the Conca d'Oru area, classified in the national inventory of sites, Domaine Gentile occupies around thirty hectares of vines planted on hillsides.

The clay-limestone soil and the rugged relief of the plots give both richness and structure of the soil in which the vine will grow, as well as the stress necessary for any quality production. The cultivation is organic, yields are limited and the harvest is manual. At the reception of the harvest, an efficient sorting table allows the selection of the best grapes for the optimal elaboration of the wines.

The vinification is modern but in respects of tradition.

An underground and air-conditioned ageing cellar provides a regular temperature and perfect humidity for the stay in bottles.

Cultivation and vinification are carried out with a single goal in mind: quality.

Le domaine
A family history

Le Domaine Gentile was born from the passion, strength and heart of one man: Dominique Gentile.

He is one of those men of great stature who have been able to combine values, tradition, ambition and a love of a job well done, tirelessly seeking perfection

He is one of those avant-garde men who nevertheless respect the lessons of the past. His wife supports him, with strength and passion sharing their common love for a successful company.

Le Domaine is also a family story; their son, Jean-Paul Gentile, winemaker and oenologist, joined them in 1994. A man of strong personality, he follows with honour and talent the footsteps of his parents, pursuing the objective of quality combined with the defence of tradition and the typicality of Corsican grape varieties and terroir.

Une histoire de famille
Le Domaine Creation

Viviane and Dominique Gentile, daughter and son of winegrowers, decided to create their own estate. They develop step by step the vineyard, the cellar and the marketing. The establishment in Corsica was quickly accompanied by national and international recognition.

Le Domaine is expanding

Jean-Paul Gentile, winemaker and oenologist, decided to follow in his father's footsteps by returning to the estate and respecting the philosophy of quality, authenticity and tradition.

Respect Environnement

Le Domaine Gentile was convinced very early on the need to preserve the environment, as well the tradition and the typicity. Tillage - ploughing, decavaillage, digging - is essential in the face of weed killers or non-cropping. No use of chemical fertilizers. Every gesture, every action, is thought out because it is better to have effective prophylaxis than treatment, even preventive treatment.



Le Domaine Gentile is an organic farming and each action is dictated by this policy . The work of the vineyard can be summarized in five words: biology, environment, prophylaxis, tradition and respect.


After manual and sorted harvests, the very meticulous work of the cellar can begin: sorting table, rotating maceration tanks, pneumatic press, thermo-regulated fermentation... the various stages of vinification, clarification, stabilisation and maturing are carried out in an air-conditioned cellar.

Use of isothermal vats producing negative cold to stabilize the wines; a natural action on the conservation of the wines is promoted. Maturing in bottles in a buried and air-conditioned cellar makes it possible to offer rested and ready-to-drink wines. The cellar work can also be summarized in a few words: environment, identity, tradition and respect.